What should I do if the screw slides?

Jul 31,2023

Nowadays, many furniture, appliances, etc. are fixed with screws; When repairing electrical appliances and furniture, it is usually necessary to loosen and remove the screws, disassemble the furniture and appliances, and then repair them. When we remove screws, we often encounter situations where too much force is applied, which makes it difficult to remove the screw thread. So what should we do with the screw thread?
1. The method for dealing with screw slippage is also very simple. If we have old cloth, rubber blocks, etc. at home, we can place them on the screw head and easily use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the screws; If you cannot find old cloth, you can also add paper to the screw head to increase friction.
2. If the screws at home are twisted, you can use tools such as a file to create a slot on the surface of the screw, and then use a larger screwdriver to remove it. However, this method may be time-consuming and labor-intensive; You can also heat the screw head first, fix the screwdriver and screw with metal glue, and then rotate it out, etc.
3. There are various methods for handling screw threads, and you can choose a convenient and suitable method based on your home situation. If there is any screw slippage when tightening the screw, it is best to replace it with a new one for fixation. When tightening or loosening screws, do not use too much force to avoid the problem of screw twisting.
4. When using a screwdriver to fix objects, it is necessary to punch holes in advance. We need to choose a suitable size electric drill based on the size of the screw for drilling, and try not to drill the screw hole too large or too small. If the screw hole is too large, you can use larger screws for fixation. If the screw hole is too small, a suitable drill bit can be used to continue drilling.