How should hardware hinges be used?

Jul 31,2023

To install hardware hinges, the first step is to specify the minimum spacing between door leaves, followed by specifying the total number of hardware hinges based on the door frame.
When installing hardware hinges, it is often necessary to specify the minimum spacing between the door leaves. The key is to prevent collisions and difficult opening and closing situations if the spacing is not properly controlled, which can also harm the appearance and usability of the door. After determining the distance between the installed door frame and the hardware hinge, we need to install the hardware hinge according to the total number of door and window hardware hinges. The key to installing the hardware hinge is to install the Elevation of the door frame. Generally, the door frame with a Elevation of 1500 mm and a net weight of 9-12 kg in the middle needs to select three hinges. There are 2 hinges in normal condition. The total number of hinges can be properly raised by investigating the Elevation and net weight.
Although damping hinges are generally solved through hot-dip galvanizing, if we cannot effectively apply them, their service life is not easy to be too long. Therefore, special attention should be paid to damping hinges during use.
It is best not to carry out high-frequency opening and closing. Even if high-frequency opening and closing are necessary, everyone should often lubricate it with some lubricating grease.
2. Do not let the damping hinge chain come into contact with strong oxidizing ingredients such as baking soda, soy sauce, salt, etc. Otherwise, it may cause serious clothing damage, which can have a serious interference with its application.
3. It is also important to be careful not to use too much force during the switching process, otherwise it can also be easily damaged.