What are the differences between hinges and hinges

Jul 31,2023

1. Different places of use. Hinges are generally used for fixing doors and windows, while hinges are used for furniture installation. Hinges can rotate the sash, but hinges can rotate or translate the sash or door. Under special circumstances, these two types of parts are not interchangeable. For example, the Casement window can only be installed with hinges.
2. Different usage methods. Due to the lack of friction on the hinge, it is necessary to use it together with the bracing to prevent the window from being damaged by wind. The hinge itself has resistance, so it can be used alone.
3. Different uses. Hinges are mostly installed on doors and windows, while hinges can be used to install cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, etc. Due to the fact that hinges are installed on doors and windows, they do not generate friction like hinges, and often apply force in the same direction to avoid damage to the doors and windows.