How to remove the drawer slide

Jul 31,2023

The disassembly of the drawer slide is mainly divided into three steps.
1. The first step is to first pull the drawer outward, and there should be a handle on the outside of the drawer that can be used to assist in operation. After pulling to a certain extent, you can see a black buckle inside the drawer.
2. The second step is to press and hold the black buckle with your hand, and then you can notice that the card will automatically elongate, and the slide of the drawer will also naturally loosen.
3. The third step is to use both hands to simultaneously press and hold the black clips on both sides of the drawer, and simultaneously pull outward to pull out the entire drawer and also remove the drawer slide on top. The entire operation process is relatively simple.
If you find that the drawer slide at home has been damaged, you can directly contact the brand's after-sales service, and specialized personnel will assist in dismantling and replacing the drawer slide with a new one.