How to remove the slide drawer

Jul 31,2023

First, determine whether it is a three section track type or a two section track type. When pulling out the cabinet, maintain stability and check the degree of damage. Take out the cabinet smoothly so that there is not too much damage to the track. If the slide is deformed, adjust the position of the deformation and reinstall and fix it according to the previous method.
Installing the drawer guide rail
1. First of all, I need to understand how to remove the slide rails of household drawers. Then, I need to know exactly how to install this drawer slide rail. A drawer is usually composed of five wooden boards, which are the drawer panel, approximately each side board stone, back board stone, and thin board stone. The white plastic accessories on the board are usually complete, and when installing, you can simply screw in the black screws. If you really want to personally remove the drawer slide, please understand the various accessory products first.
2. According to experts from, first of all, we should understand that when installing drawers, the ones with I plugs on the board must be tightened one by one. Then, we should tighten the black long screws and smash the white soft screw buckle into the corresponding space on the board. In the white screw buckle, tighten the screws according to the label, find the corresponding board, smoke control, and black screws, and insert them. The black screws should be inserted into the hole, and the small hole corresponds to a slightly larger circular hole.